On stage:

Andrea Silvestri – Martina Váradi

The ten-time Hungarian Champion Double has recently achieved fantastic results, whereby they are holding a very prestigious sixth place on the world rankings including thousands of Latin pair dancers.

On May 12, 2018, at the European Championship of Latin Dances held in Debrecen, Hungary they were placed fifth, while at the World Championship of Latin Dances they achieved 6th place in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

VoiSingers Choir

The aim of VoiSingers is to turn modern music concepts into choir music. Voisingers offers a novel approach to transcripts from some songs; they form a new community, a decision that assesses and realizes the possibilities for developing the world-renowned Hungarian choral music even further, taking the musical needs of the youth into account more than ever.

The founder and leader of our choir is Szabolcs Balásy choirmaster who is also a composer of several songs and transcripts.

The assembly has toured in Lebanon and Spain, they have produced a joint clip with the popular band Punnany Massiff, and as the ambassadors of EUROPA CANTAT 2015, they have been striving to introduce new trends in choral singing in many corners of Hungary. They have performed with Ildikó Keresztes, Attila Kökény, the Pannon Philharmonic, Péter Szolnoki, and Timie Vermes to name just a few renowned Hungarian artists.

In 2018, they had a guest performance in Tallin, Estonia and had a great Chinese concert tour meeting a spectacular success.

Savaria TSE

Turning 48 years old this year, Savaria Dance Group is going to represent Hungary at the Latin Formation World Championship on December 2, 2018, that is in two weeks’ time, in Shenzhen, China.

After winning the Hungarian title in February, they continued the series with claiming the gold at the Radom Open International Formation Competition and then got into the semi-finals at the Latin Formation Europe Championship in Kalis, Poland.

By placing first at Zala Open , they continued their preparation for the next week's world championships, where they are going to perform the following formation titled Glamor, Glitter, Flame. Their trainer and choreographer are Dávid Horváth and Dr. Veronika Monostori.


The judges of the Standard Formation World Championship :

Daiva Dackeviciene

 The merited coach of Lithuania, who has received Government awards and medals for the achievements in the Dancesport. Daiva is the coach of dance club “Kaspinas”, Kaunas, Lithuania from 1987. She has trained many Lithuanian champions, who have reached the World and European finals.

WDSF adjudicator from 1999, WDSF Chairman from 2006. She has big experience judging Dancesport competitions all over the world (World and European championships and GrandSlam competitions).

Eduard Slimák

My dance career has started in February 1982. In 1984  I was dancing for the first time on the Slovakian Championship, where I received an S-class. In 1985 I was for the first time in the final of  Slovakian Championship in Latin ( and in 1987 in Ballroom ( From 1987 until the end of my amateur dancing career, which I finished in 1991 by the beginning of the professional dancing, I have danced in the final of every Slovakian Championship.

  • Since 1992 I have started my dance career as a  professional. I have represented Slovakia on the  World Championship in Ballroom dancing in Budapest (the quarterfinal), I was twice a finalist of Belgian Open Championship, finalist of Antwerpen Cup (Belgien) and the winner of the competition in  Merelbeken (Belgien).
  • Since 1991 I was working in Hannover (Germany) as a dance teacher and couch. I successfully finished three years of study as a dance teacher (ADTV) and two years studies as a dance trainer and coach (ADTV).
  • Since 1999 I have been teaching and coaching the couples in the dance club Interklub MADIT Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • Since 1984 ( the Slovak formation team took part on world formation championship-Bremen for the first time) I was a member of Interklub MADIT Bratislava formation team.


Lubos Novotny

Born 11.4.1968


  • Pedagogue University
  • The highest level of Sport and dancing training and teaching

Dance career:

  • 3 x Champion in St in Czech R.
  • Champion in 10 D in Czech R.
  • Champion in Formations as a dancer in Czech R.
  • Champion in Professionals in Czech R.

Teaching: I teach dancing around the World for more than 25 years.

Judging: Judging the highest level on WDSF more than 20 years

Heidi Goetz

Competitive DanceSport career together with my husband for 11 years.

  • Education for trainers at the Sports University Vienna, Austria.
  • Organizer of the “Austrian Open Championships” for 25 years.

“I wish all competitors the best of luck, success and, most of all, enjoy your dancing!”

Heinz Spaeker

Amateur dancer including Formation Dancing up to 1976.

  • IDSF/WDSF Adjudicators Licence since 1988.
  • WDSF PD Adjudicators Licence since 2012.
  • 10 years Sports Director of the German DanceSport Federation.
  • 16 years Sports Director of the IDSF/WDSF.

Up to now, I have judged about 1000 DanceSport Competitions In these competitions are included:

  • IDSF/WDSF World Championships and Cups.
  • IDSF/WDSF Continental Championships and Cups.
  • IDSF/WDSF World Ranking Competitions.
  • WDSF Grand Slam Competitions.
  • IPDSC and WDSF PD World Championships and WDSF PD Competitions.
  • German Closed Championships and other National Closed Championships.

In addition, I was acting as chairman in more than 400 International and National Competitions.

Jan Geerts

An international judge with the highest license of the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF)

  • Multiple Belgian Champion in Standard, Latin American and 10 dances
  • Benelux Champion in Standard, Latin American and 10 dances
  • Finalist Blackpool Standard and Latin
  • Finalist World Championship Standard

Judging major international dance competitions all over the world including World Championships and European Championships Judging also Wheel Chair and formations World Championship and European Championships, Organizer of dance competition including Antwerp Diamond Cup with world championships.

Johnny Olesen

40 years since I stopped dancing myself.

I have of course been teaching since especially juveniles and juniors who have done very well both nationally and internationally. And I have been judging internationally for 38 years a lot of World Formation Championships.

Markus Sónyi

Born in the city of Velbert, Germany, Markus Sónyi joined the local DanceSport Club TSZ VELBERT which at that time had one of the most successful Latin American Formation Teams in the World.

After winning German, European and World Championship titles with the Team, he decided to change side and started his work as a trainer and coach for Formations and individual couples in his home club, several more clubs in Germany as well as abroad, bringing home Bronze, Silver and Gold medals in (that time) IDSF World and European Championships.

While his main work was being a DanceSport coach for couples and Formation teams in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary as well as in some Asian countries, Markus Sónyi was selected to be a Television-Expert-Commentator for German Channels ZDF and ARD as well as for Asian DanceSport broadcasts from Chinese Taipei, Thailand and the international highlight program of WDSF Grand Slam, PD Super Grand Prix events and the daily live coverage of the World DanceSport Games 2013 in Kaohsiung.  

He also works as DanceSport Event Organiser and serves DanceSport Germany as Treasurer, Television Relations Coordinator and producer of the GOC Grand Slam TV-production.

Markus Sónyi received the IDSF/WDSF Adjudicators and Chairperson License in 2004, being appointed Adjudicator and Chairperson in several WDSF World and European Championships, Cups as well as South East Asian Games, Asian Indoor / Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games organized by the OLYMPIC COUNCIL OF ASIA (OCA) since then.

Over the years he has been invited to work and lecture in Adjudicators, Chairperson and Trainers education as well as license holder training and license renewal/refreshment seminars for DanceSport Germany, various national DanceSport Federations in Europe and Asia and on WDSF Adjudicators Congresses.

In 1994 Markus Sónyi was awarded the „Silver Laurel“ (Silbernes Lorbeerblatt), the highest national award for extraordinary achievements in Sport by the President of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Nataliya Budkar

I, Nataliya Budkar, have been doing choreography all my entire adult life. Choreography has become my chief passion. I gathered my first group of ballroom dancing - the student ensemble "Evrika" - in 1972.

In 1995 I established a school of dance sport “Big Dance”, where I’m still working as a senior trainer.

My most successful students are Evgeny Stepanov and Maria Goncharuk who became the winners of World Junior Championships and World Youth Championships in Latin American formation dancing and of World Championship Ten Dances (1997-2001) five times, they are the 13-time winners in Russia (1995-2001), they’ve won more than once Russian Championships among adults.

I have a great judging experience; I’ve got the WDSF Adjudicator’s license since 2000. Every year I work in judging panel of the Russian Championships and Competitions, of various international competitions. I judged many times different world championships among couples and ensembles and even the World Games (Duisburg).

Svetlana Gozun

  • A competitor in Latin and Standard in highest Class (S-Class).
  • Trainer in DanceSport Club "Codreanca" since 1975
  • State-certified diploma-trainer for Dance Sport since 1981.
  • Professor at State Pedagogical University.


WDSF Adjudicator/Chairman judged all kinds of WDSF Championships and Cups.

Trainer of multiple World & European Champions Formation Team "Codreanca".

My students have won numerous international competitions, including World and European Championships in different age groups.