In 2016 The Word DanceSport Federation (WDSF), the highest-ranking professional body in the world of competitive dance, officially granted Adria-Szigo KTSE the right to host the Standard Formation World Championship in Pécs in Hungary.

The Standard Formation World Championship is a prestigious championship in the world of competitive dancing, making this the highest-ranking dance competition to be held in Hungary in over 20 years. With fifteen teams each comprising twenty dancers and various coaching and backroom staff, the total number of people who were involved in this top competition was close to 500, entertaining about 1500-2000 cheering spectators.

The success of the event led the WDSF to the decision that in November 2018, the Championship should be held in Pécs once again. As before, and as always we strive to organize a sold-out event and prove that we can host the competitors and guest at the highest quality possible.

At the second day of the Championship, the SZIGO Cup Adult - Youth Latin, Junior Ten-dance, Senior Latin Ranking Competition will be held. Guests can buy combined tickets to the events at discounted prices.

We can’t wait to welcome all dance lovers to come and watch the competition on 24th and 25th November in Pécs, the new capital of dance!